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Top Things Every Woman Thinks on Tinder Dates

When a woman is out on a date, she is not only all dressed up but is all worked up too. She is not sure if she has made the right choice in agreeing to go out with this guy and is not sure what type of a person he would be. When they are tinder dates where she just meets the guy online and agrees to meet this total stranger at some agreed-upon spot, there are just more concerns on her mind.

Here are a few things a woman is capable of worrying about and thinking when she is on a tinder date:

The Guy

She is thinking if the guy would be who he claimed to be on Tinder. If he would look the same, behave the same way or have the interests he claimed to have online. She is meeting a total stranger based on things he has told himself. They could be misleading and the date could be a big disappointment.


There are many maniacs who use tinder and other such dating sites to get both men and women to fall for them. She would be wondering if this guy is safe or could be dangerous. If she can trust him or should stay in crowded places where he can’t get too close to her or harm her. Though this may seem dramatic at times, it has happened in the past and every woman is right in having this fear at the back of her mind.


She is worried if she would be liked and appreciated for what she is. She might have told only the truth about herself online, but this is meeting in person and perspectives can change on first impressions. She is thinking if she is dressed right if she looks presentable and her best. She might even visit Luxtime to get a nice bag for the date. She is that worried about her appearance.…