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10 Date Night Ideas For When You’re Both Broke

Money goes.  But when you get a good partner who can share your worries, wealth and joy come back double.  When both of you are broke, it is better to plan your date night.  Hopefully, in such a situation, transparent talks will not hamper the relationship.  Instead, there would be more of mutual support and care.  Find out common interests of both.  Look for facial expressions during the discussion.  Stop repeatedly suggesting an idea if you see dullness or reluctance on your partner’s face.  The below ten tips would work wonderfully if both of you are broke:

  1. Partnership: Women offer sharing expenses, in case, both of you are broke.  There is nothing wrong with accepting the offer.
  2. Movie: You can get a good deal on movie tickets.  Refer  You can get one ticket free if you buy one.
  3. Beach: Going to the beach is an idea where you need not spend much.  Instead, you can have more fun.
  4. 4. Park: Go to the nearby park.  You can sit on the bench and have a good chat.
  5. 5. A long walk: Go for a long walk in calm streets on the night.  You can have a good time and environment for an open-hearted conversation.
  6. Wandering across street markets: This would be a combination of fun as well as entertainment.  If you love roaming in crowded areas, street markets are the best choice.
  7. Budget eateries: There is nothing wrong to have a snack in budget-eateries.  Many restaurants offer ‘buy one get one’ for food items.
  8. Fare: Find out what is happening in the city.  There would be fares where you can go and enjoy a lot of games at a low cost.
  9. Free museum: Visit free museums.  You can have a good time together without bothering about entry-fee.
  10. Dinner date at home: The best thing is to have a simple date at home with home-made tasty food served with lots of love.