10 Date Night Ideas For When You’re Both Broke

Money goes.  But when you get a good partner who can share your worries, wealth and joy come back double.  When both of you are broke, it is better to plan your date night.  Hopefully, in such a situation, transparent talks will not hamper the relationship.  Instead, there would be more of mutual support and care.  Find out common interests of both.  Look for facial expressions during the discussion.  Stop repeatedly suggesting an idea if you see dullness or reluctance on your partner’s face.  The below ten tips would work wonderfully if both of you are broke:

  1. Partnership: Women offer sharing expenses, in case, both of you are broke.  There is nothing wrong with accepting the offer.
  2. Movie: You can get a good deal on movie tickets.  Refer https://www.couponobox.com/macys-coupons.  You can get one ticket free if you buy one.
  3. Beach: Going to the beach is an idea where you need not spend much.  Instead, you can have more fun.
  4. 4. Park: Go to the nearby park.  You can sit on the bench and have a good chat.
  5. 5. A long walk: Go for a long walk in calm streets on the night.  You can have a good time and environment for an open-hearted conversation.
  6. Wandering across street markets: This would be a combination of fun as well as entertainment.  If you love roaming in crowded areas, street markets are the best choice.
  7. Budget eateries: There is nothing wrong to have a snack in budget-eateries.  Many restaurants offer ‘buy one get one’ for food items.
  8. Fare: Find out what is happening in the city.  There would be fares where you can go and enjoy a lot of games at a low cost.
  9. Free museum: Visit free museums.  You can have a good time together without bothering about entry-fee.
  10. Dinner date at home: The best thing is to have a simple date at home with home-made tasty food served with lots of love.

Top Things Every Woman Thinks on Tinder Dates

When a woman is out on a date, she is not only all dressed up but is all worked up too. She is not sure if she has made the right choice in agreeing to go out with this guy and is not sure what type of a person he would be. When they are tinder dates where she just meets the guy online and agrees to meet this total stranger at some agreed-upon spot, there are just more concerns on her mind.

Here are a few things a woman is capable of worrying about and thinking when she is on a tinder date:

The Guy

She is thinking if the guy would be who he claimed to be on Tinder. If he would look the same, behave the same way or have the interests he claimed to have online. She is meeting a total stranger based on things he has told himself. They could be misleading and the date could be a big disappointment.


There are many maniacs who use tinder and other such dating sites to get both men and women to fall for them. She would be wondering if this guy is safe or could be dangerous. If she can trust him or should stay in crowded places where he can’t get too close to her or harm her. Though this may seem dramatic at times, it has happened in the past and every woman is right in having this fear at the back of her mind.


She is worried if she would be liked and appreciated for what she is. She might have told only the truth about herself online, but this is meeting in person and perspectives can change on first impressions. She is thinking if she is dressed right if she looks presentable and her best. She might even visit Luxtime to get a nice bag for the date. She is that worried about her appearance.…

The Most Important Dating Tips for Women From Men

Women often stress the ways to impress men. The truth is that honesty and simplicity impress most men. If you ask a man how a woman can impress men, the answer would be to simply be herself. If you would like to hear a few dating tips for women given by men themselves, here are a few –

Wear clothes that you feel confident it

Fashion is not paramount and it is definitely not above comfort for men. So if you are going on a date shortlist the clothes that you feel most comfortable in and then pick one that you feel would look the best on you. The same goes for shoes as well. After all, you might not be sending the right signals about yourself when you are too conscious about what you are wearing and your mind might be focused on your clothes and not on the conversation.

Do not overdo your makeup

Keep it light and natural when it comes to makeup. Most men do not like it when women wear too much makeup. To obtain that natural radiance on your skin you should first establish a good skin care routine. This makes it easy for your makeup to blend smoothly and leave a natural finish. Unsure which skin product to buy? Check here for the best reviews.

Honesty is the best way to a man’s heart

Men do like women who are smart and independent. But at the same time, men also prefer honesty. If you start making up stories about yourself then you might, at some point, lose track of what you had been talking and it would be evidently visible in your conversation. Men like straightforward conversations. And your honesty keeps your confidence brimming and this is another attribute that can easily impress any man.…

Take Note Guys: The Things You Should Never Tell Your Girlfriend

Visit and read through https://lockthecock.com and make a list of things that you should never mention to your girlfriend.

How many times have you got laid?

Never let your girlfriend know about the number of times that you have got laid. She does not want to make an impression that you have slept with so many girls.

Your salary

You may be drawing a huge amount of salary but your girlfriend may not want to know about that. There is nothing that should keep you bragging about it. Try to be down to earth.

Do you watch porn?

No one is interested in such matters and especially not your girlfriend. I am sure she is going to get pissed off it if you start this conversation about the number of porn CDs that you have.

Your family

You can go ahead and tell about who all are there is your family but no one wants to know about the intricate details about your family. So keep it less and do not get into details about your family.

Your ex-girlfriend

Your girlfriend does not need to know about your ex-girlfriend and the details about her. It is not even important that you even mention about her.

Sexual fantasies

You may have some great sexual fantasies but no one wants to know about it. So keep your sexual fantasies to yourself and do not mention about it to your date.


Make sure that you do not disclose everything to your girlfriend and keep a control on what you want to tell her and what not to tell her. This is going to make a good impression on her and she will value it that you are not using her just to let out your thoughts and feelings. You want to make her feel special so do not use her as a dustbin to throw all your garbage on her.…

The Ultimate Guide to Dating While Losing Weight

Make sure that dating does not become such an emotional stressor that you can’t focus

While dating, your emotional stressors may become such that it is difficult to concentrate on your weight loss journey, take it from my experience, often times when you are trying to lose weight and are head over heels with somebody it can really throw a curveball on your performance like it did for me (It was horribly distressing when going through emotional turmoil). Many times, it can lead to overeating or stress eating when going through for example a breakup. Dating while losing weight can be a serious challenge in that way.

Make sure to create a synergy with your partner during weight loss

Losing weight while dating is a good thing if you can create a synergy with your partner during said weight loss, weight loss is a hard thing to go at alone and you may often find yourself going off track if you end up trying to go it alone, losing weight while dating can be a great booster in terms of synergy and will help you achieve your goals easier than before.

Make sure to get the right nutrition while losing weight

Nutrition is extremely important during your weight loss journey, getting the proper nutrition can be hard if you are going out to eat all of the time during your weight loss journey. Try to get some supplements from places like www.movomovo.com or any major supplements stores like Costco or Walmart.

We hope that this quick guide will help you on your journey in losing weight while maintaining a good dating life, we hope that you will apply these techniques to your real life and achieve your desired goal weight today!…

Dating: 5 Ways to Find Your Perfect Match

It is really hard to find someone to be the perfect match for you. All of your niches and personality traits need to be unlocked by your soulmate. There are many steps that are needed to be taken to make sure a person is right for you. One of the main problems with relationships is that people like to rush into them, hoping that they work out for the better. People don’t spend enough time to get to know each other.

With so many dating sites that just dump you with another person, it can be confusing to find people to mingle with. Even harder to find that one right person to settle down with. It usually doesn’t take long to determine whether a person is an unsuitable mate. But it does take a long time to determine whether someone with some similarities and interests is the right person for you. One should make a contact list of people who have potential to be their soulmate. Different people have different defining characteristics and traits, some might be a straight turn away, but others might be keepers.

There are many dating sites out there and you need to say to yourself when your comparing different dating sites “This is the dating site I would use”. Don’t just use dating websites to help you in your search for a soulmate, also use other tip websites to learn more efficient strategies, such as from helpguide.org.

A healthy relationship is based on things like respect, trust, support, fairness, communication, and playfulness. One must make a set of expectations for the person they are looking for, the difference between want and need must be clearly communicated. Make sure to not make your life centered around your relationship, leave some room for other things like family and work. Also make sure to understand your own flaws and problems, this lets your partner know that you are aware of your problems and are aware that you can reform yourself as well.…